Interstitial Lung Diseases

Chapter: Interstitial Lung Diseases
McMaster Section Editor(s): Paul M. O’Byrne
Section Editor(s) in Interna Szczeklika: Ewa Niżankowska-Mogilnicka, Filip Mejza
McMaster Author(s): Nathan Hambly, Martin Kolb
Author(s) in Interna Szczeklika: Ewa Rowińska-Zakrzewska, Iwona Bestry
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Interstitial lung disease refers to a group of heterogeneous, noninfectious, and nonmalignant diseases that are characterized by diffuse inflammatory and/or fibrotic infiltration of the alveolar space or interstitial septum. Patients typically have a restrictive ventilatory defect, reduction in diffusion capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO), and variety of alveolar filling and interstitial changes on high-resolution computed tomography of the chest.

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