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A group of medical students from McMaster University have developed a unique resource providing convenient access to published papers on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), making it easy to sort through the available evidence.

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COVID-19 Literature Review, available at, presents all papers discussing COVID-19 that meet predefined criteria in a highly accessible manner. The papers are conveniently categorized by specialty, journal, and type of study, making it possible to retrieve data from specific domains in just a few clicks.

As an example, clinicians can easily display all COVID-19 papers published in the New England Journal of Medicine that are relevant to emergency medicine. In the same way, it is just as quick to produce a list of meta-analyses in cardiology from all journals.

New articles continue to be added on an ongoing basis. To be considered, the papers must be indexed in PubMed, contain original data, and should meet a minimum quality standard, which was defined as being more than simply a commentary, review, or very small case series (with a few important exceptions).

COVID-19 Literature Review will be particularly useful for those trying to sort through the numerous recently published articles in search of papers containing original patient data.

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