Major areas to improve perioperative care and outcomes

Flavia Kessler Borges, Sandra Ofori, Michael McGillion, Madeleine Verhovsek, Vikas Tandon

Dr Flavia Kessler Borges, Dr Sandra Ofori, and Dr Michael McGillion from McMaster University focus on the 3 areas to improve perioperative care and outcomes through learning from the HIP ATTACK-2, PREVENT, and PVC-RAM 2 and 3 trials. The speakers emphasize the prognostic relevance of myocardial injury in patients presenting with a hip fracture and the potential of accelerated surgery to improve outcomes; the role of perioperative smoking cessation and potential for interventions to address this problem; and the importance of surgical transitions from hospital to home and ways to address the problems of emergency room visits, rehospitalizations, drug errors, pain, and suboptimal medical management for long-term health outcomes. The webinar chaired by Dr Madeleine Verhovsek and Dr Vikas Tandon was recorded at the Chair's Medical Grand Rounds on January 20, 2022.

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