Thank you message

Dear MIRCIM 2017 Participants,

On behalf of the course Co-Chairs and Organizing Committee, thank you for attending the 3rd edition of the course. We sincerely hope that you had an educational and memorable experience during your time in Kraków.

The course attracted over 800 participants from 32 countries. The live transmission feature reached over 100 physicians and students, from Canada in North America through Saudi Arabia in the Middle East to Guyana in South America.

We are in the process of reviewing your valuable feedback to make the next edition of the course even more successful. If you have any additional comments, please do not hesitate to write to the course secretariat ([email protected]) to share your thoughts.

Finally, it’s our pleasure to announce that the next edition of MIRCIM is being planned for spring 2018. Details will be posted soon. If you like our meeting and consider it worthwhile, please spread the news to your friends and colleagues.

Until next time, Co-chairs of the Organizing Committee

Thank you message
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