Why Attend?

“We are all alike, on the inside”

Mark Twain's words are particularly relevant in the contexts of internal medicine and MIRCIM itself, with participants coming from around the world.

It is not hard to see why MIRCIM keeps attracting more and more people every year.

Just consider:

  • 3 days of intensive learning
  • 30 world-renowned experts
  • 30 lectures on most practical topics
  • 15 case studies and Best Case Report Contest
  • 11 hands-on clinical workshops
  • CME points
  • Social evening with live music and dancing
  • Participants from many countries (900 physicians and students from 36 countries in 2017)
  • Partnership with national societies of internal medicine (22 societies in 2017)
  • Unique venue
  • Kraków's famous tourist attractions
  • Affordable fees

All under the umbrella of evidence-based medicine, conceived and developed at McMaster University.

For details please explore the linked sites.

Why Attend?
McMaster Textbook

Textbook of Internal Medicine is the first Canadian textbook developed at McMaster University, the birthplace of problem-based learning (PBL) and evidence-based medicine (EBM) and one of the leading medical schools in the world. Practical, affordable and convenient, it provides verified medical knowledge useful in everyday practice.

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