Gordon Guyatt in Kraków: EBM and CPGs in contemporary healthcare (MIRCIM 2017 satellite events)

We are happy to announce that one of the satellite events of the third edition of MIRCIM will be an evidence-based medicine (EBM) event: a conference and workshops EBM and clinical practice guidelines in contemporary healthcare. It will be supervised by Professor Gordon Guyatt from McMaster University, the world-renowned researcher and author the concept of EBM. The conference and workshops will be held on May 11, 2017, in ICE Kraków Congress Centre, the same venue that will host MIRCIM on the subsequent two days.

Professor Guyatt coined the term "evidence-based medicine" in 1991 and since that time has provided leadership in developing the methods for evidence-based clinical decision making and evidence-based practice guidelines worldwide. He has published over 1,000 papers in peer-reviewed journals, his work has been cited over 80,000 times, and his h-index is 144. Professor Guyatt has played a leading role in the creation and refinement of the GRADE approach to rating quality of evidence and grading strength of recommendations.

MIRCIM participants will have the opportunity to attend the EBM conference for free.

The conference will provide a comprehensive, informative and entertaining introduction to both EBM and clinical practice guideline development.

Several lectures will be followed by small-group EBM workshops designed to expand on participants’ topics of interest.

For the programme of the conference, please click here.

Gordon Guyatt in Kraków: EBM and CPGs in contemporary healthcare (MIRCIM 2017 satellite events)
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