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empendium has been developed by Medycyna Praktyczna, a Polish medical publishing house.

About Us

Medycyna Praktyczna (Medicine in Practice) is a publishing house founded in 1990 in Kraków, Poland.

Our objective is to provide physicians with current, reliable medical knowledge. We embrace and promote a humanistic and holistic approach to medicine.

Medycyna Praktyczna is the most widely recognized brand in the Polish medical community. As an undisputed leader in terms of the number of publications and contributing authors, it boasts the largest number of readers, multimedia users, and workshop and conference participants.

The Scientific Board of Medycyna Praktyczna includes renowned international experts in various fields of medicine.

A national survey has showed that over 90% of Polish physicians rely on the publications issued by Medycyna Praktyczna when making diagnostic and treatment decisions.

What We Do

Our work covers

  1. Medical journals:
    1. Medycyna Praktyczna, the highest-circulation monthly among all Polish medical journals, as well as other educational journals covering different fields of medicine
    2. Polish Archives of Internal Medicine, an English-language monthly with the highest impact factor among all Polish clinical journals (www.pamw.pl)
  2. Medical textbooks, including the most famous Polish textbook of internal medicine Interna Szczeklika (Szczeklik’s Internal Medicine), which is available in print and electronic versions, updated on a regular basis, and has been adapted into a number of foreign editions.
  3. Electronic publications:
    1. A web portal mp.pl (www.mp.pl), which includes a drug database and a broad range of specialty sites
    2. A newsletter for physicians
    3. Educational multimedia software for physicians
    4. Websites providing medical information for patients
    5. An office administration software for physicians
  4. Conferences, symposia, courses and workshops for physicians, both national and international.

Our Patron

The spiritual patron of Medycyna Praktyczna is the late Professor Andrzej Szczeklik, who passed away in 2012. As one of the most prominent Polish physicians and world-renowned scientists, he was famous for his humanistic and holistic approach to medicine. His values have been reflected in a number of our initiatives, such as

  1. Publications on ethics: a series of articles and books on ethical issues in medicine addressed to physicians and general audience (including a collection of interviews “Patient’s Point of View”).
  2. Publications on medicine and art.
  3. Annual symposium “Ethical dilemmas in medical practice”.
  4. Nationwide writing contest for physicians, organised in honour of the memory of Professor Andrzej Szczeklik.

Contact Us

Medycyna Praktyczna
Cholerzyn 445
32-060 Liszki
tel. 004812 2934000
fax 004812 2934010
[email protected]