Advice for young physicians who learn radiology

Julian Dobranowski, MD, FRCPC FCAR
Professor Radiology, Chair of the Department of Radiology McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

What advice would you give to young physicians who learn radiology? What is the best approach to deal with it?

Julian Dobranowski, MD, FRCPC FCAR: I think my advice to young students is not to be overwhelmed by the field itself, because there are so many facets to radiology that are quite attractive. We do three dimensional imaging, we do functional imaging, but those are extras, really. I suggest that to get started and to feel comfortable with radiology, you start with basics too.
The chest x-ray is a good example of where to start, because the most commonly ordered x-ray is still the chest x-ray. And by learning one area, like the chest x-ray, that gives you the foundations, the frameworks, to be able to interpret other areas of imaging. So I would say that pick one area that you're interested in to build up a skill around that area, and then to build from that.

Dr. Julian Dobranowski is a professor and chair of the Department of Radiology at McMaster University, chief of diagnostic imaging at Niagara Health, and provincial head for the Cancer Imaging Program at Cancer Care Ontario.

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