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Dear Health-care Professional,

Thank you for considering the BMA Award winning book entitled Discover Radiology: Chest X-ray Interpretation.

If you completed medical school and your postgraduate training without formal radiology training and interpretive skill development, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Price – only $6.99


Discover Radiology: Chest X-ray Interpretation will provide you with all the information you need to develop your interpretive skills. You will learn more than just how to look at the x-ray of the chest, you will learn how to unravel all the secrets held in the images. Discover Radiology: Chest X-ray Interpretation is a step-by-step guide providing content in a friendly and intuitive way. During your journey through the book you will review and understand the radiological anatomy of the chest, the importance of the lateral chest x-ray, concepts of radiological pathology, the importance of the differential diagnosis and appropriate ordering of radiological examinations.

By closing your knowledge gaps, you will quickly develop the confidence and competency needed to effectively utilize what radiology has to offer.

To meet your expectations, we have also created an app as a companion to the printed book. The app will give you quick and easy access to all of the information found in the book. The app provides a convenient way to read all the chapters. Now you can carry the resources you need for a successful chest x-ray interpretation with you at all times. The app will be there to help you help your patients. This app is the tool that will enrich your skills and facilitate everyday clinical work.

You may be wondering what makes this application stand out from others? You will find in it, among other things: conceptual approach to interpretation by understanding grayscale, evidence-informed content and instructional design and performance support tools, including over 50 job aides.

Julian Dobranowski

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