Table 3.12-1. Management targets for dyslipidemia

Risk category (10-year CVD risk)a

Serum target

High risk (FRS ≥20%)

LDL-C <2.0 mmol/L or reduce by >50%c


Apolipoprotein B <0.8 g/L


Non–HDL-C <2.6 mmol/L

Intermediate risk (FRS 10%-19%) and ≥1 of:

1) LDL-C ≥3.5 mmol/L

2) Non–HDL-C ≥4.3 mmol/L

3) Apolipoprotein B >1.2 g/L

4) Men >50 years, women >60 years (only with +1 additional CVD risk factor)b

LDL-C >5.0 mmol/L

>50% reduction in LDL-C

a See Table 3.15-1.

b Low HDL-C, impaired fasting glucose, high waist circumference, active smoker, hypertension.

c LDL-C <1.8 mmol/L in patients with acute coronary syndrome in the last 3 months.

Based on Can J Cardiol. 2016;32(11):1263-1282.

CVD, cardiovascular disease; FRS, Framingham risk score; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.