Prof. Michał Pirożyński

Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Poland

Prof. Michał Pirożyński, MD, PhD, pulmonologist and allergologist, Head of the Centre for Allergology, Pneumonology and Emergency Medicine - Simulation Centre at Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education.
Originator and scientific director of the Project entitled: "Development of specialized education of doctors, in the fields essential from the point of view of epidemiological and demographic needs of the country, with the use of endoscopic simulation techniques".

Prof. Pirożyński is the author of 468 scientific papers and 10 monographs including: "ABC of nebulisation", "Practical Bronchofiberoscopy", “Respiratory infections”, “Bronchofiberoscopy in the ICU”.

Specific interests: inhalation therapy, endoscopic studies of the respiratory tract, development of new inhalation devices - co-author of 4 European patents and 6 national patents.


CO-FINANCED WITH STATE BUDGET FUNDS “Doskonała Nauka (Excellent Science)” program of the Ministry of Education and Science
Conference “Medical Education Forum – International Conference and Workshops”
Financing: 200,000 PLN;
Total value: 265,280 PLN

Program „Doskonała nauka” Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki
Konferencja „Medical Education Forum - International conference and workshops”
Dofinansowanie 200 000 zł
Całkowita wartość 265 280 zł

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