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Kraków lies in the region of Małopolska, which is located in southern Poland. It can be easily reached by air, rail and bus.

By plane

Kraków Airport is 7 miles (~12 km) from the city and offers direct flights from select cities. For more information on the travel possibilities from the airport, see the airport website:

By train

Kraków has direct railway links with a number of cities, not only local, but also international. There are trains to Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Lviv and many else. For more information on timetables and fares, see the Polish railways website:

By car

For tips concerning travelling by car, see the Kraków Travel website:

With limited parking and much of the Old Town a car-free zone, driving in Kraków will be more of a hindrance than a help. What’s more, most tourist attractions are in the Old Town or within easy walking distance, so you won’t need a car, buses or trams unless you’re staying outside the centre.

Public transport

Kraków is served by an efficient network of trams and buses that run between 5AM and 11PM. Tickets can be bought at street kiosks and ticket machines and must be validated as soon as you board. Note that if carrying a large suitcase or backpack you may need an extra ticket.

To conveniently look up public transport lines, including timetables and fares, see:

For public transportation network maps, see the Municipal Transport Enterprise website:

For public transportation schedules, see the Municipal Transport Enterprise website:

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