Prof. Somia Iqtadar

King Edward Medical University, Pakistan

Dr. Somia Iqtadar is an immensely capable and accomplished young physician who is currently working in capacity of an Associate Professor of Medicine at King Edward Medical University (KEMU), Lahore. She is a fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and Royal College of Physicians London. She has been actively engaged in the medical education, research and clinical leadership ever since her graduation from KEMU. Being an avid member of several health and medical education committees and having estimable membership of several national and international Medical Advisory Boards, she has contributed immensely, restricted not only to the medical community that included teaching, training, & conducting numerous workshops on routinely basis, but also routinely provides public healthcare awareness on several written, digital and televised forums.

Moreover, due to her astute acumen and vigor & passion for contribution to medical science, as well as imparting public healthcare awareness programs, she has been actively engaged in training even other health care professionals including paramedical staff, nursing staff by conducting seminars, conferences and training workshops.

In lieu of her meritorious services and contribution to medical education, she has been elected as the first General Secretary of the Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine. She has numerous publications in indexed national as well as international journals of high impact factor and had contributed to Kumar and Clark Text Book of Medicine authoring three chapters on Dengue Ebola and Congo. She has also a  contributing author in book, Telemedicine A novel way to fight Pandemic ,A success story from Pakistan. She is the primary author of Guidelines on Dengue, Congo, Influenza, Ebola and COVID-19 in her country. She is currently appointed Chairperson Dengue Expert Advisory Group and is Member Corona Technical Working Group and Corona Expert Advisory group of Pakistan and is advisor to WHO on arboviral diseases.

Being an adept orator and presenter, she has represented Pakistan in numerous international conferences, presenting her research and experiences. Her areas of interest include cardio metabolic medicine, women health , infectious diseases and tele-medicine. She has also been nominated in top 100 women in global health in Pakistan chapter and warded Women health hero 2020 by governor of the state.

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