Prof. Madeline Verhovsek

McMaster University, Canada

Dr. Verhovsek completed her medical and hematology specialty training at the DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University, followed by fellowship in Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia at Boston Medical Centre and Boston Children's Hospital. She joined St. Joseph’s as a full-time faculty member and staff hematologist in 2010 and is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and of Pathology & Molecular Medicine at McMaster University.

She is the current Head of Service of Hematology and Thrombosis at St. Joseph’s and the Director of the Adult Hemoglobinopathy Program at the McMaster University Medical Centre. In addition to her work in adult hematology at St. Joseph’s, she is also the Consultant Laboratory Hematologist for the Red Cell Disorders Laboratory, Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program which provides specialized diagnostic testing to clients across Canada.

Dr. Verhovsek has an outstanding record in medical education and is the recipient of 7 awards. Among these include the W. Watson Buchanan AFP Clinician Educator Award, the Clinical Teacher Award of the Haematology Training Program and the Best Sub-Specialty Award given twice by the Internal Medicine Training Program. In addition, Madeleine is the Chair of the Competency Committee of the Hematology Training Program at McMaster University.

Dr. Verhovsek has received international recognition for her work in sickle cell disease and other inherited red cell disorders. She has a growing research profile in this area and is the Co-chair of the Ministry of Health’s expert panel on Sickle Cell Disease and a guideline panel member of the American Society of Hematology.

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