Dr Anna Ciechomska

University of Glasgow, UK

Dr. Ciechomska is a consultant rheumatologist in University Hospital Wishaw and physician sonographer in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. She uses ultrasound in her daily practice to facilitate diagnosis and to guide therapeutic decisions. She developed a Rheumatology Ultrasound Mentoring Network Project in Scotland as foundation for training and research initiatives and to improve access of the rheumatology patients to ultrasound diagnostic. She is actively involved in rheumatology ultrasound education ranging from face to face workshops, through international and national courses to production of on-line educational materials for the BSR educational platform and for the Glasgow Caledonian University Ultrasound Course. Among her professional interests are improving diagnosis of Psoriatic arthritis and care of patients with GCA. She set up GCA Fast Track Pathway in NHS Lanarkshire and supports other rheumatology departments in development of GCA service. Her experience in MSK ultrasound extends beyond rheumatic diseases towards musculoskeletal injuries, gained while working as physician sonographer in Centre of Sports Medicine in Warsaw. She is author of publications and textbook chapters on ultrasound in rheumatology.

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