Prof. Sören Huwendiek

University of Bern, Switzerland

Sören Huwendiek, MD, PhD, MME, is a pediatrician, medical educator and medical education researcher with a great interest in improving healthcare education for the sake of patients. He has vast expertise in medical education and medical education research and also in clinical work. Since 2018 he is Associate Professor for Medical Education in Bern and since 2012, he has been the head of the Department for Assessment and Evaluation of the Institute for Medical Education (IML) in Switzerland with about 35 employees. He gained a master degree in medical education from Bern University and a PhD in health professions education from Maastricht University.

He received his senior lecture qualification (habilitation) in pediatrics on "Innovative Pediatric Teaching and Assessment" from Heidelberg Medical Faculty in 2014, and his senior lecture qualification in medical education from Bern Medical Faculty in 2015. He has been the Chair of the Centre for Virtual Patients at Heidelberg Medical Faculty for several years. He is involved in several educational (inter)national projects, including funding from the European commission and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. He has a broad interest and expertise in teaching and research in medical mducation. Among his favorite themes are formative assessment (Virtual Patients, workplace-based assessments), innovative ways of summative assessment (including licensing exams), communication and practical skills, and blended-learning. He has conducted over 60 educational workshops locally, nationally and internationally. He supervises PhD, MA theses in medical education, and MD theses and is a member of several (inter)national medical education committees.

He is a reviewer of more than 12 journals and member of the editorial board of the BMC Medical Education, the Perspectives on Medical Education and the GMS Journal for Medical Education (JME). He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed manuscripts in medical education and won several medical education awards.


CO-FINANCED WITH STATE BUDGET FUNDS “Doskonała Nauka (Excellent Science)” program of the Ministry of Education and Science
Conference “Medical Education Forum – International Conference and Workshops”
Financing: 200,000 PLN;
Total value: 265,280 PLN

Program „Doskonała nauka” Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki
Konferencja „Medical Education Forum - International conference and workshops”
Dofinansowanie 200 000 zł
Całkowita wartość 265 280 zł

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