Prof. Przemko Kwinta

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Przemko Kwinta MD, PhD is vice-Dean of Medical Faculty Jagiellonian University. His responsibilities are curriculum development, evaluation of the effectiveness of the programme, organization of the academic year, supervision of the accreditation processes, supervision of international students and staff exchange programmes. He is a Head of Committee for Education, Medical Faculty UJ. Przemko Kwinta is professor of paediatrics, Head of the Chair of Paediatrics UJ. He is responsible for integration of all paediatric subspecialities into one pre- and post-graduation curriculum. He is very active researcher in the field of paediatrics – published 122 Medline indexed original papers. Przemko Kwinta was a principal investigator of 4 projects granted by National Science Centre in Poland, and main investigator of 2 EU funded projects. He is active member of European Society for Paediatric Research and European Society for Neonatology.


CO-FINANCED WITH STATE BUDGET FUNDS “Doskonała Nauka (Excellent Science)” program of the Ministry of Education and Science
Conference “Medical Education Forum – International Conference and Workshops”
Financing: 200,000 PLN;
Total value: 265,280 PLN

Program „Doskonała nauka” Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki
Konferencja „Medical Education Forum - International conference and workshops”
Dofinansowanie 200 000 zł
Całkowita wartość 265 280 zł

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