Program: Friday, May 12

8.00–8.10Welcome and introductions
Prof. Akbar Panju, Prof. Paul O’Byrne, Dr. Piotr Gajewski, Prof. Serhat Unal
8.10–8.30How to avoid being misled by the medical literature
Prof. Gordon Guyatt (McMaster University, Canada)
8.30–8.50Dual and triple antithrombotic therapies: current patterns of practice and controversies
Prof. John Eikelboom (McMaster University, Canada)
8.50–9.10Anticoagulation after a VTE episode: when is it necessary, for how long and which drug to use
Prof. Jeffrey Weitz (McMaster University, Canada)
9.10–9.30When to restart anticoagulants after a bleeding event
Prof. James Douketis (McMaster University, Canada)
9.30–9.50McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine for course participants
Prof. Roman Jaeschke (McMaster University, Canada)
9.50–10.20Panel discussion
10.20–10.40Refreshment break
10.40–11.00Giant cell arteritis and other large vessel vasculitis
Prof. Bhaskar Dasgupta (Southend University Hospital, UK)
11.00–11.20Extra-articular manifestations in spondyloarthritis
Prof. Filip Van den Bosch (Ghent University, Belgium)
11.20–11.40Current management of gout
Prof. George Nuki (University of Edinburgh, UK)
11.40–12.00Opioids in the treatment of chronic pain
Prof. Jenny Legassie (McMaster University, Canada)
12.00–12.30Panel discussion
Chair: Prof. Dr. Servet Akar
12.30–13.30Lunch break
13.30–13.50How can we improve survival after cardiac arrest: focus on postresuscitation care
Prof. Bernd W. Böttiger (University Hospital of Cologne, Germany)
13.50–14.10New approach to perioperative cardiovascular care: a task for internists
Prof. P.J. Devereaux (McMaster University, Canada)
14.10–14.30Management of chronic heart failure: what should we change in our practice
Prof. Piotr Ponikowski (Wroclaw Medical University, Poland)
14.30–14.50Current treatment of dyslipidemia
Prof. Ian Graham (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
14.50–15.20Panel discussion
15.20–15.40Refreshment break
15.40–16.00How to treat arterial hypertension in elderly people
Prof. Franz H. Messerli (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA)
16.00–16.20Monoclonal gammopathies: when and how to investigate
Prof. Mark Crowther (McMaster University, Canada)
16.20–16.40Nephrotic syndrome in adults: current management
Prof. Jürgen Floege (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
16.40–17.00Prevention and management of diabetic foot: can we do more to limit amputations
Prof. Andrew Boulton (University of Manchester, UK)
17.00–17.30Panel discussion

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