TIHUD-TIP joint sessions


11 May, 2017 Thursday

15:00 - 16:50Session 1: Diabetes - ICE Krakow Congress Center // Theatre Hall
Chairs: Dr. Selcuk Dagdelen, Dr. Jerzy Gasowski, Dr Ewa Płaczkiewicz-Jankowska
15:00–15:05Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Selcuk Dagdelen
15:05-15:35 Epidemiology of Diabetes and HT
Dr. Baris Akinci
15:35–16:10Cardiovascular Protection in Diabetic Hypertensive Patient
Dr. Enver Atalar
16:10-16:45 Renal Protection in Diabetic Hypertensive Patient
Dr. Selcuk Dagdelen
16:45–16:50 Closure & Discussion
Dr. Selcuk Dagdelen
16:50-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00–18:40 Session 2: Diabetes & Hypertension - ICE Krakow Congress Center // Theatre Hall
Interactive Session: Treatment modailities, comments on 3 cases
Chairs: Dr. Selcuk Dagdelen
 Case 1: Newly diagnosed diabetic hypertensive patient with normal kidney function
Dr. Baris Akinci
Case 2: Diabetic hypertensive patient with microalbuminuria and not under control with metformin
Dr. Selcuk Dagdelen
Case 3: Diabetic hypertensive patient not under contrelled with DPP4I
Dr. Enver Atalar

12 May, 2017 Friday

09:00-10:10Session 3: Rheumatology - ICE Krakow Congress Center // Theatre Hall
09:00–10:10PANEL: Leading the Ultrasound Initiative in Rheumatology
Chairs: Dr. Vedat Hamuryudan
09:00–10:10Leading the Ultrasound Initiative in Rheumatology: Lessons and Experiences From EULAR Endorsed Courses
Dr. Ender Terzioglu
13:40-16:20Session 4: Rheumatology - ICE Krakow Congress Center // Theatre Hall
13:40-15:10PANEL: Recent Guideline Updates
Chairs: Dr. Sedat Kiraz
13:40–14:25Are Existing Treatment Modalities Successful Enough to Reach ACR and EULAR Treatment Goals in rheumatoid arthritis?
Dr. Cemal Bes
14:25–15:10What changes in clinical practice with recent EULAR and ACR updates in Spodyloarthropaties?
Dr. Umut Kalyoncu
15:10 – 15:40Coffee Break
15:40–16:20PANEL: Challenging Diseases of Rheumatology
Chairs: Dr. Timur Pirildar
15:40–16:20Do We Need New Tools For Diagnosis/ Classification in Axial Spondyloarthritis?
Dr. Servet Akar

13 May, 2017 Saturday

09:00-17:30Session 5: Rheumatology - ICE Krakow Congress Center // Theatre Hall
09:00–10:30PANEL: Widening the Perspective in Uveitis
Chairs: Dr. Vedat Hamuryudan
09:00–09:45When and where Rheumatologists See Uveitis and how they manage it?
Dr. Haner Direskeneli
09:45–10:30How to Treat Non-Infectious Uveitis: Promises with new treatment modalities
Dr. Gülen Hatemi
10:30–11:00Coffee Break
11.00–12.30PANEL: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chairs: Dr. Sedat Kiraz
11:00–11:45How to manage extra-articular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis: The effect of RA therapies on the outcome of extra-articular manifestations?
Dr. Ediz Dalkiliç
11:45–12:30What is the optimal dosage and route of administration of methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis?
Dr. Zeynep Aşlar
14:00–15:30PANEL: Clustering the undifferentiated Spondyloarthritis
Chairs: Dr. Ihsan Ertenli
14:00–14:45Is there a new role for DMARDS and NSAIDs in the treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis and Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis?
Dr. Sedat Yilmaz
14:45–15:30Dual action of osteoprotegerin (OPG) in systemic sclerosis: Is it related with Osteoporosis or diseases activity?
Dr. Ali Taylan
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00–17:30PANEL: Challenging cases from Rheumatology: Selected Poster Presentations
Chairs: Dr. Süleyman Özbek, Dr. Ali Akdogan
 Dr. Pinar Talu Ocakçi
Medical Park Hospital
Department of Rhematology
Izmir, Turkey

Dr. Muge Aydin Tufan
Baskent University Research and Training Hospital
Department of Rheumatology
Adana, Turkey

Dr. Gizem Cengiz
Department of Rheumatology
Erciyes University Hospital
Kayseri, Turkey

Dr. Duygu Tecer
Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Gazi University
Ankara, Turkey
Dr. Bariş Gündogdu
Department of Rheumatology
Goztepe Research and Training Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Berkan Armagan
Department of Rheumatology
Hacettepe Univeristy
Ankara, Turkey

Dr. Kevser Gök
Department of Rheumatology
Erciyes University
Kayseri, Turkey
10:40-12:30Session 6: Gastroenterology - Park Inn Krakow / Alfa 1 Meeting Room
10:40-12:30Differences Between Proton Pump Inhibitors
Chair: Dr. Serhat Unal
10:40-11:35What are the efficacy differences between proton pump inhibitors
Dr. Taylan Kav
11:35-12:30What are the safety differences between proton pump inhibitors
Dr. Kadir Demir
10:40-11:40Session 7: Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease - Park Inn Krakow / Alfa 2 Meeting Room
10:40-11:40Towards the target with combination therapy: New Solutions
Dr. Giray Kabakci
11:40-12:00Panel Discussion
Chairs: Dr. Giray Kabakci

TIHUD-TIP joint sessions
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