Best Case Report Contest 2018

Prof. Mark Crowther (Chair; McMaster University)
Dr. Fahad Al-sohaibani (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties)
Prof. Melvin S. Blanchard (Washington University in St Louis)
Dr. Grzegorz Goncerz (Secretary; Jagiellonian University)
Dr. Thomas Hanslik (Société Nationale Française de Médecine Interne)
Prof. Roman Jaeschke (McMaster University)
Prof. Manuel Klein (Sociedad Argentina de Medicina)
Dr. Adri Kok (Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa)
Prof. Valentin Kokorin (Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine)
Prof. Patrick Lacor (Belgian Society of Internal Medicine)
Prof. Margus Lember (Estonian Society of Internal Medicine)
Prof. Maria Perticone (Societa Italiana di Medicina Interna)
Dr. Jorge Rodriguez Garcia (Colegio de Medicina Interna de México)
Prof. Daniel Sereni (the Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe)
Prof. Akbar Panju (McMaster University)

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