American College of Physicians

Sociedad Argentina de Medicina

Argentine Society of Medicine

Austrian Society of Internal Medicine

Association of Physicians of Bangladesh

Belgian Society of Internal Medicine

Belgian Society of Internal Medicine

Society of Internal Medicine, Buenos Aires

Canadian Society of Internal Medicine

Czech Society Internal Medicine

Czech Society of Internal Medicine

Dominican Republic Society of Internal Medicine

Dutch Society of Internal Medicine

Estonian Society of Internal Medicine

Estonian Society of Internal Medicine

Société Nationale Française de Médecine Interne

French Society of Internal Medicine

German Society of Internal Medicine

Hellenic Society of Internal Medicine

Hungarian Research Organization of Family Physicians

Hungarian Research Organization of Family Physicians

Hungarian Society of Internal Medicine

Hungarian Society of Internal Medicine

Icelandic Society of Internal Medicine

Icelandic Society of Internal Medicine

Association of Physicians of India

Hungarian Research Organization of Family Physicians

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Israel Society of Internal Medicine

Israel Society of Internal Medicine

Societa Italiana di Medicina Interna

Italian Society of Internal Medicine

Korean Association of Internal Medicine

Latvian Society of Internal Medicine

Lebanese Society of Internal Medicine

College of General Practitioners of Lithuania

Royal College of Physicians of London

Macedonian Association of Internal Medicine

Colegio de Medicina Interna de México

Mexican Society of Internal Medicine

Norwegian Society of Internal Medicine

Norwegian Society of Internal Medicine

Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine

Polish Society of Internal Medicine

Polish Society of Internal Medicine

Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine

Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine

Romanian Society of Internal Medicine

Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine

Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine

Scottish Society of Physicians

Scottish Society of Physicians

Serbian Association of Internal Medicine

College of Physicians, Singapore

Slovak Society of Internal Medicine

Slovak Society of Internal Medicine

Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa

Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa

Spanish Society of Internal Medicine

Spanish Society of Internal Medicine

Swedish Society of Internal Medicine

Swedish Society of Internal Medicine

Turkish Society of Internal Medicine

Turkish Society of Internal Medicine

Special Partner

Internal Medicine Society of Uruguay

Society of Bedside Medicine

International Shared Decision Making Society


European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine

Polish Archives of Internal Medicine

Other Partners

Berlin Chamber of Physicians

Berlin Chamber of Physicians

Centre for Evidence-Based Chinese Medicine


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