Honorary Committee

Muhammad Rafiqul Alam

President, Association of Physicians of Bangladesh

David O. Arnar

President, Icelandic Society of Internal Medicine

Maja Artandi

Co-President, Society of Bedside Medicine

Omar T. Atiq

President, American College of Physicians

Freek Bester

President, Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa

Ion Bruckner

President, Romanian Society of Internal Medicine

Richard Češka

President, Czech Society of Internal Medicine

Sarah Clarke

President, Royal College of Physicians London

Francesco Dentali

President, Italian Scientific Society of Internal Medicine FADOI

Jan Duława

President, Polish Society of Internal Medicine

Andrew Elder

President, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Avishai Ellis

President, Israel Society of Internal Medicine

Annelise Goecke Sariego

President, Chilean Society of Internal Medicine

Tomasz Grodzicki

Vice-rector, Jagiellonian University Medical College

Takács István

President, Hungarian Society of Internal Medicine

Ivica Lazúrová

President, Slovak Society of Internal Medicine

Dragan Lović

President, Serbian Association of Internal Medicine

Aleksandar Manolev

President, Macedonian Association of Internal Medicine

Kirsten McCaffery

International Shared Decision Making Society

Elie M. Moubarak

President, Lebanese Society of Internal Medicine

Luc Mouthon

President, French Society of Internal Medicine

Andreas Neubauer

President, German Society of Internal Medicine

Diarmuid O'Shea

President, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Robin Peeters

President, Dutch Society of Internal Medicine

Jacek Popiel

Rector, Jagiellonian University

Alexander Rosenkranz

President, Austrian Society of Internal Medicine

Stephen W. Russell

Co-President, Society of Bedside Medicine

Lelita Santos

President, Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine

Christine Sävervall

President, Swedish Society of Internal Medicine

Giorgio Sesti

President, Italian Society of Internal Medicine

Steven Shadowitz

President, Canadian Society of Internal Medicine

Inga Stukena

President, Latvian Society of Internal Medicine

Kai Sukles

President, Estonian Society of Internal Medicine

Nikolaos Tentolouris

President, Hellenic Society of Internal Medicine

Kee Yi Shern Terence

President, College of Physicians, Singapore

Péter Torzsa

President, Hungarian Research Organization of Family Physicians

Serhat Ünal

President, Turkish Society of Internal Medicine

Leonas Valius

President, Lithuanian College of Family Physicians

Frédéric Vandergheynst

President, Belgian Society of Internal Medicine

Trond Vartdal

President, Norwegian Society of Internal Medicine

Chul Woo Yang

President, Korean Association of Internal Medicine

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