Table of Contents

Section I. Getting Started

Chapter 1. The X-ray Examination
Chapter 2. The X-ray Image
Chapter 3. What Shows up on a Chest X-ray
Chapter 4. Visual Perception and the Chest X-ray
Chapter 5. An Introduction to Chest X-ray Interpretation

Section II. Radiological Anatomy and Pathology

Chapter 6. The Radiological Zones of the Thorax and Key Landmarks
Chapter 7. Trachea & Bronchi
Chapter 8. The Hilum (the hilar zone)
Chapter 9. The Mediastinum (the mediastinal zone)
Chapter 10. The Heart & Pericardium (the cardiac zone)
Chapter 11. The Pleura (the pleural zone)
Chapter 12. The Lungs & Air Spaces (the lung zone)
Chapter 13. The Interstitium
Chapter 14. The Chest Wall & Diaphragms (the peripheral zone)
Chapter 15. Constructing the X-ray Image

Section III. Putting it Together

Chapter 16. How to Interpret a Chest X-ray
Chapter 17. Localization of Disease in the Thorax
Chapter 18. Atelectasis & Lobar Collapse
Chapter 19. The Portable (AP) Chest X-ray: The critically ill patient
Chapter 20. Lines & Tubes
Chapter 21. The Post-Operative & Post-Radiation Chest X-ray
Chapter 22. How to Read an X-ray Report
Chapter 23. Appropriateness & Ordering of the Chest X-ray

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