Jagiellonian University Medical College

Centrum Dydaktyczno-Kongresowe Wydzialu Lekarskiego Uniwersytet Jagiellonski – Collegium Medicum
ul. św. Łazarza 16
31-530 Kraków
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The Conference Centre Faculty of Medicine Jagiellonian University Medical College serves as a conference and event venue while also providing rooms for classes and a reading room for medical students. It has 4 large halls with 182 seats each, seminar rooms with up to 80 seats and a computer room with an integrated audiovisual system.

The building offers convenient access for people with disabilities. It is air-conditioned and features free WiFi access.

photo: Jacek Nowak


Co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science within the program “Doskonała Nauka” (“Excellent Science”)

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