Dr. Yves Allenbach

Sorbonne University, France

Academic Affiliation
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology, Myology Research Center, Pitié Salpetriere University Hospital, Paris, France.

Research Interests
Yves Allenbach is an expert in the field of auto-immune myopathies. Based on a translational approach the research interests are (i) diagnosis/follow-up, (ii) pathophysiology (in vitro and in vivo models) and (iii) therapy of myositis.

Select Recent Publications

Yves Allenbach, born in 1976, during his residency, has focused his training (Internal Medecine/Clinical Immunology) on Neurology, Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology to be skilled to take care of myositis patients. Since 2009, he is in a tertiary center, a reference center for myositis. Since 2015, I has a permanent position (Associate Professor), after a PhD on the development of a mouse model of auto-immune myopathy and analysis of systemic immune response in myositis and a Post-doc (La Charité, Berlin, Germany, 2014-15) on myositis pathology to revisit the muscle pathology based on a serological approach using myositis specific antibodies.

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