Magnesium Disturbances

How to Cite This Chapter: Mathew A, Kokot F, Franek E, Drabczyk R. Magnesium Disturbances. McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine. Kraków: Medycyna Praktyczna. Accessed November 30, 2021.
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Physiologic BackgroundTop

Total body magnesium content in an adult person weighing 70 kg is 1000 mmol. The daily magnesium requirement is 0.15 to 0.20 mmol/kg, and the average dietary magnesium intake is 20 mmol/d. The normal range of plasma magnesium levels is 0.65 to 1.20 mmol/L, out of which 30% is bound to albumin. Kidneys are the key regulator of magnesium homeostasis.

Mg2+ is a catalyst for glycolytic enzymes, respiratory enzymes, and enzymes responsible for nucleic acid synthesis. It is involved in contraction of cardiac myocytes and platelet stabilization (preventing platelet activation).

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