Systemic complications influencing survival in cirrhosis

Pere Ginès

What are the most important systemic complications influencing the survival of patients with cirrhosis?

Pere Ginès: Cirrhosis is a multiorgan disease. It not only affects the liver but also many other organs in the body. The complications that affect survival in cirrhosis are particularly hepatic encephalopathy, which is a complication of the function of the brain related to liver failure. There are also bacterial infections that may cause a number of complications like septic shock and multiorgan failure. Then there is renal failure, particularly hepatorenal syndrome, and a syndrome that has been described very recently, which is known as acute-on-chronic liver failure, which is a failure of the liver. [In this syndrome the liver] is impaired by some triggering factor that causes further impairment of the function of the liver and also associated failures of other organs.

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