Diagnostic workup of PAD by nonvascular specialists

Sonia Anand

Dr Sonia Anand is a professor in the Division of Cardiology, associate chair of Equity and Diversity in the Department of Medicine, Canada Research Chair in Ethnic Diversity and Cardiovascular Disease, and director of the Population Genomics Program at McMaster University.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on diagnostic workup of peripheral artery disease (PAD) performed by a general practitioner or another nonvascular specialist?

Sonia Anand, MD, PhD: The nonvascular specialist can take a good history that will determine if the patient suffers from intermittent claudication. Typically that is a complaint of leg discomfort with walking that is relieved by rest. They can also ask about previous peripheral artery bypass surgery.

From a diagnostic perspective, looking at the legs, measuring the pulses and, if possible, performing a leg blood pressure test is also very informative. That would be enough information to make a diagnosis of PAD and start patients on therapy.

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