McMaster researchers on the 2022 list of highly cited researchers

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McMaster University–affiliated scientists have been recognized as being among the top academics in the world according to their citations. We are proud to see contributors to the McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine in this prestigious group.

Sixteen McMaster researchers have been included on Clarivate Analytics’ 2022 list of the world’s most highly cited researchers.

This list recognizes science and social science researchers who have had a significant impact on their respective fields through the publication of multiple highly cited papers over the last decade. The researchers included in this list represent the top 1% of citations in a given publication year, as outlined in the Web of Science citation database.

In total, nearly 7000 researchers were named to the 2022 list.

The McMaster researchers recognized in this year’s list are:

  • Altaf Arain, School of Earth, Environment & Society
  • Jan Brozek, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact
  • Stuart Connolly, Department of Medicine
  • Mark Crowther, Department of Medicine
  • John Eikelboom, Department of Medicine
  • Gordon Guyatt, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact
  • Roman Jaeschke, Department of Medicine
  • Paul Moayyedi, Department of Medicine
  • Stuart Phillips, Department of Kinesiology
  • Walter Reinisch, Department of Medicine
  • Nancy Santesso, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact
  • Holger Schünemann, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact
  • Gregory Steinberg, Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism
  • Jeffrey Weitz, Department of Medicine
  • Gerry Wright, Department of Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences

The late Glenda MacQueen, formerly of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, was named in the category of psychiatry and psychology.

Of the 16 McMaster researchers featured in Clarivate’s list, 5 were given a Cross-Field distinction, which identifies researchers that have significant influence across multiple fields.

Canada ranked 6th in the world with 226 Highly Cited Researchers, up from 196 in 2021. As a whole, Canada represents 3.1% of the world’s Highly Cited Researchers.

Karen Mossman, vice-president, Research, says McMaster’s ranking reflects the influence of McMaster’s research expertise and output in the global research community.

“McMaster is home to so many incredible researchers who are leaders in their fields. Along with our ranking as 37th in the world for impact by Times Higher Education and our standing in the top 85 universities across the world, the Clarivate Analytics ranking speaks volumes to the quality and collective impact of our researchers’ work.”

We are truly delighted to see the names of so many contributors to the McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine in this prestigious group: Jan Brozek (author), Mark Crowther (editor of Hematology and author), Gordon Guyatt (associate editor in Evidence Methodology), Roman Jaeschke (editor in chief and author), Paul Moayyedi (editor of Gastroenterology and author), Holger Schünemann (featured in the McMaster Perspective series), Salim Yusuf (featured in the McMaster Perspective series), Jeffrey Weitz (featured in Interviews).

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