Strategies for controlling epidemics of HIV/AIDS

Philippe Morlat

What should be the main strategies to control the epidemics of HIV/AIDS?

Philippe Morlat, MD, PhD: There are 2 main strategies to control this epidemic. One is to screen all individuals who are suspected to be infected. The other one is to treat all screened [and infected] individuals with antiretroviral drugs. These two actions lead people with HIV to have in their body an undetectable viral load and not transmit the virus.

The main goals are to screen the maximum number of people who are infected and to treat all of them as the diagnosis becomes known.

There is another way to reach this goal: prevention. Prevention means the sexual conduct, prevention among intravenous drug users, and a new way called preexposure prophylaxis, which refers to taking pills before an unprotected sexual intercourse. That is a new way of protecting against the virus.

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