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Whether you are busy with your clinical rotations or full-time practice, having access to a trusted source of medical information at all times can be a game changer. Use our fall discount to save 50% on the annual subscription to the McMaster Textbook, your go-to resource for evidence-based medicine. (Offer for users outside of Canada and the United States.)

The McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine is a practical, reliable, and easy to use resource tailored to the needs of physicians, trainees, and allied health professionals.

An all-encompassing platform, the McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine supplements hundreds of textbook chapters with lectures, interviews, Internal Medicine Rapid Refreshers, and reviews. Our contributors include leading medical experts that shape the way modern medicine is practiced around the world.

The content provided by the McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine is developed at McMaster University—the birthplace of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and problem-based learning (PBL) and home to one of the best medical schools in the world—in collaboration with a global network of medical experts. It is updated on the go and verified by hundreds of experienced clinicians.

Save 50% on the annual subscription to the McMaster Textbook website and mobile app with the code MCMASTERINTRO23. For instructions, see below.
Users based in Canada and the United States are eligible for a different offer.

McMaster Textbook resources

  • Browse interviews with top medical experts discussing issues relevant for your daily practice
  • Explore a library of full-length video lectures presented by keynote speakers with clear take-home messages
  • Automatically receive content updates
  • Keep abreast of evidence-based recommendations and important study findings through our reviews
  • Use the web and mobile app to conveniently access the content
  • Brush up on the fundamentals with Internal Medicine Rapid Refresher tutorial videos
  • Browse over 800 textbook chapters discussing essential topics in internal medicine
  • Access new chapters as soon as they are published
  • Access hundreds of tables, algorithms, and illustrations

Free vs paid access

  Free access Paid access
Interviews with top medical experts
Full lectures from international medical courses
Automatic content updates
Rapid Refresher tutorial videos
Website and mobile app access
800+ textbook chapters
Tables, algorithms, illustrations

How to use the code

Users are asked to register at the publisher’s website in order to use the McMaster Textbook website and mobile app. Registration involves creating a personal account; only the necessary data are collected.

To unlock full access to over 800 chapters and supplementary online materials, users can now purchase a discounted subscription for just US $8 or equivalent. The fall season discount is applied upon entering the promotional code when placing the order.

  1. Create your free account if you do not have one already. You will be asked to provide your email address and basic personal information. No payment information is required at this stage.
  2. Check your inbox for the activation email and click the activation link.
  3. With your account registered and confirmed, place your order. Your virtual cart will display a box for code redemption. Enter the code MCMASTERINTRO23 to reduce the price by 50%, then finalize the purchase.
  4. Done! You can now use the provided email address and password to log in when prompted. (You will be asked to log in when browsing textbook chapters, for instance, Heart Auscultation).

Mobile app

The login credentials can be used to unlock the mobile app (click here for iOS or click here for Android). No separate App Store or Google Play subscription is required.

iOS app:

Android app:

User support

If you encounter any technical problems, please direct all comments and questions to contact@mcmastertextbook.com.

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