World Mental Health Day 2021


"Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality"—these words inspire this year's World Mental Health Day (October 10).

We are looking for different ways to help medical professionals not only deal with mental health issues of their patients but also improve their own well-being. Here is a list of our Textbook chapters that you may find useful:

Supplementary resources (interviews, lectures, and articles):

See also
  • Bringing dignity to medical education Dr Mino R. Mitri from McMaster University reflects on the role of dignity in medical education at the Chair's Medical Grand Rounds.
  • Insomnia in the McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine A new chapter on insomnia by Dr Nick Kates is available online and in our mobile apps.
  • Depression in the era of COVID-19 Dr Zainab Samaan, associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at McMaster University, talks about distinctive features of depression and available treatments.
  • Human-important outcomes and EBM during the COVID-19 pandemic The pandemic brought with it an entire new realm of human suffering that is only indirectly related to disease itself—it relates to the societies’ ways of dealing with the illness. We propose that when making decisions about health-care interventions during this and during future pandemics, those “human-important outcomes” are carefully considered.
  • A McMaster innovator. CBT decades ago Dr William Goldberg, clinical professor of medicine at McMaster University and Chief of Medicine at St Joseph’s Hospital from 1962-1982, talks about the beginnings of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in Hamilton.

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